Language Beyond Communication

Absolutely brilliant.

Beyond Bounds

When one thinks of language, one’s mind
generally shifts to its ability to let us communicate with one another, whether
it is to express our feelings, to inform, or to direct. But language is often
taken for granted; we rarely talk about its significance or think about what it
can offer beyond communication, possibly because it doesn’t exist physically
and we don’t see it. It is something that we are heavily dependent on, as it is
an important tool to survive. It has become existent in our subconscious.
It’s true that language is a symbolic system that
combines words and concepts to help us interact with one another and deliver a
certain message. However, the Whorfian hypothesis claims that the semantics of
a particular language influences and limits the perceptions of its speakers.
For centuries, it has been debated by various linguistics and regarded as a
highly controversial topic. Although language…

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