How learning foreign languages enables connection

This video contains the quote from Nelson Mandela where if you speak to a person in a language they understand it goes to there head but if you speak to them in their language it goes to their heart. This is so very true of the Greek people and inside the speaker Louka will detail his journey to connect with his heritage but also the indigenous people of Australia. He will empower you to learn a language for yourself if only to keep your brain healthy and stop neurodegenerative diseases from taking hold and destroying all that you hold dear.

Wishing you all well.



3 comments on “How learning foreign languages enables connection”
  1. Love it, Angela. I will add though that all of us speak one mutual language = LOVE. I just wish everyone would communicate this way more often.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work 🙂

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    1. Thankyou very much. I’ve been posting videos this week and other people’s blogs as I’m working on a big slightly controversial post.

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      1. Awesome! Intriguing… I look forward to reading your work, Athena. ❤

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