Cassandra Complex in the Apollo World: The Plight of the INFP

More psychology that’s rooted in Greek myths.

Scherezade's Labyrinth

Yesterday, was interesting because I learned something new. Well, it’s been around for years but it’s new to me. First, I want to tell you about me and discussions.

I like to have meaningful discussions, trade information back and forth, but I loathe arguing. I can’t stand it, and will shut down if backed into a corner. If I’m imprisoned in said corner, then I go for the jugular. It’s not pretty. If you send for me, best believe you’re going to get Me. Why am I like this? Because growing up, I had to keep my opinions to myself, even when that person was wrong. It was rude to correct an adult. But what if they were wrong? I wasn’t flaunting my intelligence, but I was more on the lines of helping them out.

When in school, I kept my opinions to myself for fear of back lash from…

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