How to deal with the torture of your own mind

Once again Cristian Mihai has managed to out do himself and wrote the most amazing blog post ever. Sometimes I feel like he knows me and my life which is impossible as we’ve never met and I doubt we ever will. At times he knows exactly what is on my mind which is extraordinarily difficult even for myself. He has a very good way with words. He is able to present his points in a much more user friendly approach than I can. Maybe because he is not English but I do write how I talk. I am a thesaurus Hahahaha.

Comments? Questions?

Best wishes



6 comments on “How to deal with the torture of your own mind”
  1. Abhi Jeet says:

    I’m eager to know how do you actually deal with the torture of your mind Athena.
    It’ll be helpful & I’ll be glad to know about it ✌

    Thank you!

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    1. Blogging is very useful as it gets the thoughts out of your head. Hopefully they help another who is dealing with a similar issue.

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      1. Abhi Jeet says:

        Couldn’t agree anymore πŸ‘
        Well stated !

        By blogging, We get to know each other very well by connecting with random people who at some point becomes a part of BLOG family πŸ˜‡

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        1. Yes I’m building up my blog family that’s for sure.


          1. Abhi Jeet says:

            Keep going !
            All the best ahead ✌

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          2. Thankyou and I wish you all the best too.

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