Brexit: The uncivil war

In a follow up article to the one I previously wrote on Brexit and Grexit; I have just watched Brexit: The uncivil war. It’s a brilliant show which shows exactly how Brexit happened.

I love Benedict Cumberbatch as he is such a talented actor. I adore the erudite way he speaks and acts. His intellect is phenomenal. No matter his role he is utterly convincing.

Now having learnt about Brexit from both sides, what is your opinion on the matter?

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5 comments on “Brexit: The uncivil war”
  1. Weiss-Nix says:

    Where did you watch the movie..TV…cinema…blueray?

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    1. It’s a tv show that you can download from bbc I player.

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  2. Many British people feel they were given inaccurate and even downright false information before the referendum. Personally I feel there should have been the requirement of a two thirds majority. The whole process has caused a great deal of strife and expense throughout the country and we are still no clearer about what is going to happen. We are in a truly chaotic situation.

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    1. Oh yes that is most definitely true.


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