How to increase your attention reblog

This is yet another series of blogs that I have been digesting recently. This is also quite the mammoth undertaking so be prepared for the time investment required to properly appreciate what is written here.

If you were to write at length, what would be your topic of choice?



4 comments on “How to increase your attention reblog”
  1. Weiss-Nix says:

    Mmmmmh, difficult question….possibly, about “organisational development & corporate culture” or “urban mobility” or “future city planning”.

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    1. It is the difficult questions that give us the best answers though.

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  2. Hi Athena. Thank you very much for your great support, engaging work, and good questions. To answer above: I would/do write about ‘awareness’ as it defines how we perceive life. Take care and all the best!

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    1. Thankyou for your attention towards my blog and I hope we can both continue to have prosperous blogs into the future.


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