Lefkada Hearn – Lefkadian poet

Here is another famous Lefkás poet that also made a life for himself in Japan to the extent he also has a Japanese name Iakumi Koizumi. He converted to Buddhism while he was over there and married a Japanese wife. He is another that has a statue in the waterfront garden in Lefkás town.

He also has a museum exhibition at the cultural centre in Lefkás town museums dedicated to himself near the Angelos Sikelianos museum. Here is what Wikipedia has to say on the matter. Lefkadia Hearn.

This is the fourth of my posts on famous Greek but mainly Lefkádian poets as I have also covered :-

Aristotle Valaoritis,

C F Cavafy,

Angelos Sikelianos,

The bonus post is one on Sappho by Sententiae Ancientae.

Other series include Greek Authors, Musicians, Famous Greeks, Rural Villages in Lefkás and Foreigners who have become interested and or benefited Greece in some ways. All the links can be found here Series links.

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4 comments on “Lefkada Hearn – Lefkadian poet”
  1. efge63 says:

    Thank you for sharing this Athena!!!

    Hearn married Setsu Koizumi, the daughter of a local samurai family and embraced Buddhism. He became a Japanese national and changed his name to Koizumi Yakumo.

    In December 1896, the Imperial University of Tokyo offered him the job of Professor of English Language and Literature. In 1904, he became a professor at Waseda University.

    Lafcadio Hearn influenced the establishment of diplomatic relations between Greece and Japan in 1899.

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    1. Thank you Efi for your knowledge. I really should have taken pictures of the statues when I went on my walk but I didn’t feel like doing the tourist thing.

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  2. tomhudson says:

    I’m currently reading the ancient Greek tragedies (in translation, of course), beginning with Aeschylus. I find milestones of Western civilization quite fascinating. The Iliad and The Odessey of Homer are also great poetic reads (as translated by Alexander Pope).

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    1. Yes they are and I have copies of some of them. I thought I would focus on newer lesser known poets and authors so that I could bring the public’s attention to them.

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