5 Ideas To Help You Refresh Your Greek Speaking Skills And Build Your Confidence

When Ana moved to Athens, she was excited. She couldn’t wait to meet new people, wander around the city, absorb every second of her new life there. She was prepared to face the challenges: different language, culture, mentality. New habits, new rhythm and way of life. Ana spoke some Greek already …

Source: 5 Ideas To Help You Refresh Your Greek Speaking Skills And Build Your Confidence

Here are some links to help you speak Greek :

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    12 comments on “5 Ideas To Help You Refresh Your Greek Speaking Skills And Build Your Confidence”
    1. This is a really useful post! I know these things will help me but I just don’t have the confidence to speak to others. My written Greek is very good however!

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      1. Thankyou. I thought it was good as it addresses the intermediate level where it’s difficult to progress from.


        1. It isn’t easy. I’ve found that listening really helps and just asking about a word when I’ve heard it a couple of times.

          I answer with ναι και όχι And say phrases like δεν πειράζει and If i don’t know what something is then I will say τι αυτό (im aware of male and female however I don’t always know if the object I ask about is masculine or feminine)

          I also use my favourite word: αλήθεια; where I can! Even if the conversation is in English, I find it useful to incorporate one or two words into the sentence!

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          1. So I guess you know about ψεματα then and ετ σε κετσι. (Lies and the middling expression when something is only ok. It’s slang the second one.)


            1. Ψέματα is a new one for me! I like this. I will definitely be using that a little more. I love learning more but I need to feel confident about learning. I prefer to write it first!

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            2. That astounds me that you don’t how to say lies in Greek. What special words do they have in Corfu that I might not know?


            3. To be honest I’ve heard the word but never asked!
              Oh I don’t know really. The thing is I have nothing to compare to! I may know some words but I wouldn’t know that they are not used in other places. I will ask my boyfriend to name a few!

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            4. I thought you would be full of knowledge living over there with a partner. Do you hang out with expats or Greeks?


            5. I don’t live there full time though and his English is excellent so it’s always been difficult to keep it up consistently.

              I hang out with British people, Greeks, Lithuanians, German people… Everyone and anyone 😊

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            6. Yes that has been precisely my problem. My challenge now is to talk to a friends Russian wife who knows Greek but only understands English.


            7. I find it useful when certain words are used in Greek! It helps me think of the response in Greek a little quicker!

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            8. Certain words are very useful which is why I wrote the how to speak basic colloquial Greek post. It contains the phrases you are most likely to come across in daily life.


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