Brain, Mouth and Me

Brain, Mouth and me have known each other a long time but we have a difficult relationship. Brain likes to learn everything in the entire world and then have Mouth recite it to all and sundry wherever possible. This creates problems for me as that’s not how you communicate with people or connect with them. It’s almost a verbal barrage of information that is nonstop and only relents when there is no more information to impart. This can take a long time and usually is stopped by them leaving as the event has finished.

The other scenario that happens is where Brain is feeling remorseful for the above situation so refuses to give Mouth any words. Even if the day has been relaxed and I have done exactly as Brain and I wanted, Brain decides No! Yes I understand what you asked, meant, what I need to say in reply to you but can Brain release those words to Mouth? Oh No!

It’s highly embarrassing after 13 years to still be unable to say “τι θα θέλατε να πιείτε?” Μια Μπύρα Παρακαλω, “μικρο η μεγάλα?”, μικρο ευχαριστώ, “τι θέλις να φάε?” θέλω ένα τσιπούρα σημερα, etc.

Thanks Brain for causing all this distress for Me by not allowing Mouth to say What would you like to drink?, A beer please, Small or Large?, Small please, What do you want to eat?, I want a sea bream today, etc

It’s not a lot to ask but to have all these words at your command yet the inability to use any of them is soul destroying.

Have you experienced this before and if so how have you overcome this?

Best wishes


How to have a basic conversation in Greek with common phrases

Υα! Hi

Φίλε μου male friend

Φίλοι μου friends mixed

Φίλη female friend

Τι κανείς? How are you? literally what are you doing?

Τι κανείς μωρε? What are you doing mate?(jokily)

Εισας καλά? Are you alright?(jokily)

Που πάμε? Where have you been/what have you been doing? (Depends on context)

Πάμε! Let’s go!

Τι νέο? What’s new?

Έλα ρε! Come on now mate!

Έλα τωρα! Come on now!

Τι κριμα! What a pity!

Να ´στε καλά Be well!

Υιασυς Bye

Shop talk

Μπορεί να βοηθεια σας? Can I help you?

Ορίσετε Welcome (to our shop etc), here you are (give money for item etc)

Τι θελις? What do you want?(an alternative to how can I help you or in addition)

Ποσό κάνει How much?

Έχετε …. Do you have ….

Δεν έχει We don’t have (whatever you asked for)

Θέλω ένα …. I want ….

Ναι yes (can be polite in acknowledging you said something but still carry on with job and otherwise ignore you)

Ναι, ναι, ναι, Yes, Yes, Yes (Much more likely for them to do whatever you just asked)

Μάλιστα formal yes like employee to boss or meaning indeed

Restaurant talk

Έτοιμες Ready? (Asking If you have decided on what you want to drink/eat)

Πολύ νόστιμο Very tasty!

Κάλι ορίζει! Good appetite!

Άμεσος! Immediately (never happens and is more of a joke with English people)

Γριγορο Quickly (another joke)

Βειβαιους! of course (can be a joke)

Σίγουρα. Sure (not a certainty again)

Ακριβώς! exactly!

Κάτσε κάτω sit down

Φεύγω! Leave! (What you say when your bothered by animals, sellers slightly rude)

Being direct is not rude in Greece like it is in the UK. Hence you wouldn’t normally say I would like in Greece. They don’t stand on ceremony as the saying goes meaning they are quite informal when shopping. They do however like to chat which is why the tasks are completed with as few words as possible leaving space, time and energy for conversation in order to revitalise them throughout the working day. It’s very hot right now so conservation is key.

These posts are very useful to remind me how much I have learnt, improve my confidence and spelling. It’s also to try to anchor this into my brain so I use it in conversation in daily life. Also it’s because I can’t sleep and prep work for my next conversation which failed last time.

  • My books to help you speak Greek
  • My posts to assist you in speaking Greek

    Best wishes


    The Stoic way to deal with the problem of Indifference in Relationships

    The Problem of Indifference in Relationships

    The Problem of Indifference in Relationships
    — Read on

    Stoicism is an Ancient Greek ideal that is gaining popularity at the moment. Here is a good explanation of how it relates to modern life.

    Best wishes


    How to overcome irrational language fears

    For the longest time I had an irrational fear of offending people with my language skills. To this day I don’t speak if I can get away with it. This is due to my childhood but also many subsequent incidents. However, this does not mean I am incapable of speech or that I don’t understand other people when they speak. I’m slowly overcoming all of my childhood fears about being inadequate and growing into the adult I’m meant to be. If I can do it then surely everyone else can also accomplish all that they set out to do. It just takes time and patience as well as hard work. These are not always around in a great abundance. Therefore we have to make the most of the resources we have. With the desire to change you can achieve much more than just having the talent for something. Attitude and motivation are key factors here.

    This is inspired by one of Bogdan ‘s many questions on the blog over at Pointless Overthinking . You should check out the daily question that turns up about 6pm. It may vary where you are but it’s always at the same time without fail. It’s one of the constants of blogging here on WordPress along with several articles by Cristian Mihai as he does have 4 blogs.

    Best wishes


    How to increase your attention reblog

    This is yet another series of blogs that I have been digesting recently. This is also quite the mammoth undertaking so be prepared for the time investment required to properly appreciate what is written here.

    If you were to write at length, what would be your topic of choice?


    The philosophy of WestWorld

    This tv show is the philosophical successor to the Matrix. This show is so amazing in how it captures your attention and makes you think so deeply about what is real and what is worthy of your attention. It strips away all artifice and lays bare who you really are at your core. I dare you to watch this show and not be transformed after viewing it. It’s a good way to analyse your own psyche without having to under go hypnosis, meditation or even go as as far as visiting a retreat or taking transcendental drugs.

    To examine what is real and what is not is a very Buddhist way of thinking. Becoming one with yourself and seeking the true path to enlightenment is quite some task. This is what religion has tried to inspire in us over the millennia to varying degrees of success. Since it is so difficult to achieve and none is ever sure how to do it or what happens when it has been achieved. Numerous books have been written on the subject with their own version of attaining self actualisation. I believe we all try to attain this state at some point in our lives. We just differ in our methods of attempting this process.

    I believe my way of entering this trance state is every time I watch a programme that commands my entire attention. This is rare that I enter this flow state but it is beautiful. I feel reborn and that I am connected to everything in the universe. I know that everything is going to be fine because I am at peace with the world. The state of catharsis is the most blissful feeling you can have. It is the absence of feeling but also a complete and utter fulfilment. So you are full of the most magnificent cleanliness. It is difficult to describe the fullness and emptiness at the same time.

    This is however when we are at our most free and at our most creative. When we connect to ourselves and our very being it is a marvellous thing to behold. We need to hold on to this higher state of being for as long as possible as we all want to reach nirvana one day and to remain for as long as possible if not for eternity.

    Since we are currently in both catholic and orthodox Lent, it is fortuitous that I am currently feeling that way and it’s only just begun. The whole purpose of this time is to get to get closer to the most pure version of ourselves. When we purify through lack of stimulants both external and internal; we open our minds and bodies to the possibility of greatness. When we stop all the different versions of ourselves that we need for our daily lives and become the one that is the crux of our being; then we can rise above everything and be the very best version of ourselves. In doing so we can help all those around in their personal quests too. For a healthy community nourishes the land, life and everything.

    Have you ever thought you would be able to achieve such a state of peace?

    Wishing you all well,